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Commercial Solar Development and Construction Specialists

We provide a thorough consultation to educate business on the financial incentives available, to maximize their Return on Investment. By analyzing the electric bills, and reviewing the unique financial needs, we will provide a custom solution and design.


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Roof Top Solar Systems:

Our specialty is design and installation of large roof mounted systems.  Whether your roof is standing seam metal, single ply membrane (EPDM rubber/TPO), or Asphalt Shingles, we have the right solution and experience for them all.  

Our most common installation is flat roof applications.  Our systems installed with an engineered ballasted racking system, which requires no roof penetrations.  We partner with Licensed Professional Engineers, who will approve the weight of the solar array for your building.  Our design includes designated walkways for access to HVAC units, and for emergency personnel.   

Roofing Experts

We Protect Your Roof:

We come from a commercial roofing background and work with all major roofing manufacturers (GAF, Carlisle, Firestone, etc) to confirm the solar installation method and equipment meets their technical requirements. This ensures your roofing warranty stays intact and includes a post solar inspection by the roofing manufacturer.

New Roofs: We are closely partnered with a commercial roofing installation company, and can provide specifications, recommendations, and quotations on a new roof, if necessary, with warranties of up to 25 years. We offer preventative repairs on roofs that are adequate but are in the middle of their life. Each project is carefully inspected prior to installation to ensure the roof condition is properly considered and will last through the life of the solar system.

Ground Mount Solar Systems

Based on ground conditions, we have experience installed pile-driven posts, helical piles, and ground screws. Our founder previously performed engineered pull tests for major racking manufacturers and is adept at navigating varying site and geo technical conditions.

Development & Engineering:

  • We are experienced in meeting the planning needs of every project.
  • Permitting and regulatory approvals.
  • Utility Interconnection Approval
  • Electrical design and PE Stamped plans.
  • Structural analysis and PE Stamped plans.
  • State Renewable Energy Credit Applications and Approvals.
  • Warranty Continuance with roofing manufacturers.
  • Financial Solutions and Tax Equity Partnerships.
  • Land & Rooftop Leases.
  • Coordinating with Architects & General Contractors.

Partners with the Top Solar Manufacturers:

We buy material direct from the top solar panel, inverter, and racking companies to deliver the best product at the most competitive price. Our systems are designed to minimize maintenance over the long term and maximize the return of our customers/investors. We choose our vendors carefully and establish long-term relationships. This allows us to deploy multiple systems with proven results, using a similar design and equipment, and simplifies long-term maintenance. Some of our main partners include Trina, Qcells, SMA, Solaredge, and PanelClaw.

Experienced In-House Installation:

We are solar enthusiasts, and contractors at our core.  We strongly believe that the attention during the design phase and installation, makes a huge difference in the long-term success of a project. We are veterans in the commercial solar industry, and have proven experience in all types of installations.  We do not cut corners and pride ourselves in providing solutions that minimize future maintenance expenses, and produce more energy than our competitors.. We provide unique remote monitoring solutions with no subscriptions fees, that protect your investment, and ensure our systems are operating at peak performance.

Partnerships and Co-Development Opportunities:

Investors and Larger Developers: We are open to select partnerships on projects across the Mid Atlantic region, starting at projects of 200kW and above. Please contact us and give us details on your opportunities. We do not work as an installation-only contractor.

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